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daniel chisholm dbc112 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 13:48:19 EDT 2006

Had a number of responses, so I am posting the response to the group.
  The 6 has been good thus far. Handling is better than my 02 S (stock) and response is a little lagged until 3k rpm. Finally opened it up last night on the 500th mile. Good launch, needs 3 gears to hit 60 due to its gearing ratios (5th and 6th almost the same). Overall was able to chirp all 4 tires with initial launch.
  I have been reading some of the news groups and found that some cars are suffering from a lag or loss of power. Most attribute this to the lack of 93 octane in CA.
  Other than that the mod market is limited. Found some intakes and exhaust which after one ride you will agree it is a necessity (tone is non-existent)
  its not a bi turbo
  It doesn't have a V8
  Styling is a little lacking in backend of car
  $ummer tires standard (could be a pro to some)
  Good response when turbo awakens
  A lot of bang for the buck
  Good potential to tune, and some parts actually sponsored by the dealer
  A lot of interior appointments for the base model (bose, xenon)
  Ended up getting about $3500 off at North Penn Mazda in Montgomeryville PA. This did include a trade in (KBB $16000) offered 18k. So I think some padding was applied. Why they do this who knows.
  Some great rates for A+ credit, about 5.6%.. 

daniel chisholm <dbc112 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hey everyone,
Old time biturbo owner... Bought a house and went to the dark side of an SUV.

Just sold the truck and got the mazdaspeed 6 (go ahead and laugh). Price was right, and beleive it or not. The performance is similar to a stock 02 S4...

Anyone had the chance to test drive? What did you think? Beside being ugly... 


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