[Biturbos4] Looking to become a new S4 (B5) owner

Sonar465 at aol.com Sonar465 at aol.com
Mon Aug 7 14:12:19 EDT 2006

Hey all,
After driving 3 type 44's for the last 14 years I think it is time to  retire 
my trust and extremely reliable (though falling apart) '89 Audi  200.  I am 
looking at '01 and '02 S4's I know there were some changes made  mid year in 
'01 but I am not sure what they were.  As I start looking at  cars what 
,specific to the S4, are sign of trouble.  Totally new to this  era of Audi's so 
basically I am looking for some guidance.
'89 Audi 200
'84 Ur-q

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