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Adam Schwartz adamdschwartz at comcast.net
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Hi Kyle,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you -

I totally understand the 'gulp'  about getting rid of the S4. I think 
the S4 was probably my favorite daily driver car of all that I have 
ever had.. And I think i have had about 20 cars.

What it came down to, for me, was this:

I wanted a new car, as the S4 was starting to go the shop almost 
every month with some little annoyance.

I Love the S4 - it has 3 things that I needed - Turbo, AWD and 6speed....

so if I wanted that, It doesnt leave much. I really like the new 
audis, but I didnt want a new S4. Its an amazing car, but no turbo! 
And horrible gas mileage, and a lot more expensive, even used....

so what else is there???!

Volvo S60/V70R

Subaru Legacy /Spec B

Audi A4 2.0 - and I did look at the A3

so of those choices, the A4 is a very nice car. But its a little 
boring. The 2.0 is a great engine, and probably could be tuned up to 
where id want it to be, but then id want to brakes, and suspention 
too.... The A3 is very disappointing. No quattro on the 2.0t and no 
manual on the 3.2....  I could skip turbo, as that 3.2 is pretty 
nice, and the DSG is nice.. but I need a manual. So, no.

The Subie is a really nice car. The Spec B felt very 'European' with 
its stock bilsteins  But road noise was a little bad, and I couldnt 
get over paying $32+ K for a Subie.  I guess I didnt need to get the 
Spec B, but it really would have to be, if it was going to be a 
Legacy.. .It has a much nicer feel than the regular legacy

So then the S60R. its got balls out of the gate. Its very tunable, 
lots of after market stuff for it... Comes with amazing brakes that 
make the S4 brakes feel like crap...  Nice engine sound, and an odd 
interior color option that made the car seem a little 'special' I got 
the orange interior called Atacama - great stereo, wonderful 
handling...  the S60R doesnt feel as fast, but it is. Had a short 
little go with a friend who also has an S4, and I kicked his a**. 
Then I he turned on his APR, and he was only a little faster than the 
S60R. When I install the BSR PPC into my S60R, it will be over for 
him... Then ill do exhaust and maybe a cold air intake. looking to 
push 360HP at the flywheel for probably $2500.00

What I dont like about the S60R other than it being a ford... is... 
There are 3 suspension settings. In advanced you get more power, but 
the suspension feel is very unforgiving. I live in the Boston area, 
and I can rarely use it. I wish that 'sport' which is the middle 
section had the power advance so that I could feel that boost a 
little more often. Advance cant even really be used on the highway as 
its just not comfortable. expansion joints are painful. But when the 
road is smooth, and you can use advanced its great. Probably would be 
nice on the track, but ive not yet taken this car there.

be sure to look at http://www.swedespeed.com/  if you are going to 
get a V70R for more info. its a great car. I like it very very much. 
Just havent gotten over the loss of my S4 yet. :-)


>I was just contemplating **gulp** selling the S4 Avant and the 
>wife's allroad and consolidating down the V70r (I take the train to 
>work now and can't justify the two wagons + the saab convertible 
>that the kids would never let me sell...)  I would be interested in 
>any additional comparisons you can make to the S4...  Option 2 is a 
>used S6 Avant (if I can get over the tiptronic...)
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>>  http://www.swedespeed.com/  - Its not bad - Audiworld is a little 
>>  better. More enthusiasts on the audi side, so it would seem.
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>>  >Hi, Adam,
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>>  >Congrats on the new car.  What forum do Volvo enthusiasts hang out on?
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