[Biturbos4] Symphony Radio removal

Wilson Northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Fri Aug 25 00:20:40 EDT 2006

I've removed mine before.

I recall reading some post where someone uses nail files?  As for me, i 
ordered the tools from crutchfield.  There are cheaper places, but those 
guys deliver and the ordering was easy.

It is easiest if you have 4 tools (they are usually sold in pairs of 2).

When you go to remove it, be sure to have the unlock code.  If not, its a 
trip to the dealer.

94 rx7 twinturbo
00 S4  biturbo

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Brent Henry wrote:

> Has anyone removed their "Symphony" radio system before without the special
> tools mentioned in the Bentley.  Or what can you use as a suitable
> replacement for those special tools?
> Thanks,
> Brent.
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