[Biturbos4] Symphony Radio removal

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu Aug 24 23:34:14 EDT 2006

I used a set of 4 nail files one time. But I wouldn't try it unless you've 
seen how the tools work first. It's a really simple concept, but it's like 
stabbing in the dark. If you don't know what's there, you could bend the 
clips and permanently mount your stereo into your dash.

We had this happen one time at the dealership and had to bust out the dash, 
yes.. literally break the dash with a giant crowbar and replace the whole 
thing. It wasn't really anyones fault, the clips just jammed when we slid 
the keys into the slits.

The only way to get to some of the dash screws was behind the stereo, and 
since that couldn't come out to access them to get the dash + stereo out 
.... it was that whole rock + hard place problem. And what that cost Audi... 

The dealer will release all four clips usually for free if you stop by when 
they're not very busy, and then leave your radio hanging out an inch or so, 
to allow you to do whatever it is you wanted to do on your own. It takes 10 
seconds to do.

- Keman

> Has anyone removed their "Symphony" radio system before without the 
> special
> tools mentioned in the Bentley.  Or what can you use as a suitable
> replacement for those special tools?
> Thanks,
> Brent. 

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