[Biturbos4] Cats

John Audi-Fans at BackYardEngineering.com
Fri Aug 25 13:52:12 EDT 2006

Aaron LaPointe wrote:
> Anyone that can recommend a solution to replacing the cats without having to
> shell out 1500 dollars for what amounts to a blank pipe that some sell as
> downpipe replacements?  Is it feasible to convince an exhaust shop to make me
> just a straight pipe?  What are the legal implications for them if they alter
> the factory setup?  Lastly I can NOT find an aftermarket cat anywhere outside
> of the aforementioned kits.  Thank you in advance for your help, gentlemen.

A shop won't blatantly remove a CAT, dead or alive, to install a "test" pipe,
it's an emissions tampering violation... The exception is if you trailer the car
in and convince them it's a track only car. If you walk into a shop with the
dimensions and/or a PVC mock up and a sample of the flanges, a good shop should
be able to build you want you want for probably 10% of $1500. IMHO there is no
justification for $1500 for a downpipe!


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