[Biturbos4] Symphony Radio removal

Mark Quinn mequinn at comcast.net
Fri Aug 25 14:39:15 EDT 2006

See: http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/47880/symphony_clips.jpg for 
photos of the clips in the Symphony head unit. 

I made my own "keys" - just used some thin brass plate that I had lying 
around (get it from Arts/Crafts or Modelling shops) and cut it with tin 
shears into strips the width of the slots on the front plates.  Then cut 
the ends at an angle (the actual angle is not too important) ala:  
http://pictureposter.audiworld.com/47880/radiotools.jpg.  The real tools 
have the little slots that catch onto the clips and allow you to pull 
the head unit out using the tools themselves.  These are not really 
necessary though - you can just push your homemade tools in to release 
the clips and then wiggle/pull the radio out (gently!) using your 
fingers in the cassette slot (do this at your own risk - I take no 
responsibility for you breaking anything!)

Note that the pointed (long) ends go to the outside edges of the radio.  
Then pushing in the tools pushes the clips in toward the radio, 
disengaging them from the dash edges.

-Mark Quinn

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> I used a set of 4 nail files one time. But I wouldn't try it unless you've 
> seen how the tools work first. It's a really simple concept, but it's like 
> stabbing in the dark. If you don't know what's there, you could bend the 
> clips and permanently mount your stereo into your dash.
> .... 
> - Keman
>> Has anyone removed their "Symphony" radio system before without the 
>> special
>> tools mentioned in the Bentley.  Or what can you use as a suitable
>> replacement for those special tools?
>> Thanks,
>> Brent. 

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