[Biturbos4] Windshield wiper lever arm

Brent Henry thehenrys at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 25 16:31:35 EDT 2006

Well, after being away for the better part of 2 months with business travel and vacations... now I have a pile of little maintenance jobs on my wife's S4.  The next little job is to replace the wiper lever arm.  I believe it has 2 bearings in it that have a tendency to seize up.  It is the part that connects the 2 wiper arms with the wiper motor. 

Right at the moment, when I turn the wipers on, they wipe, but very very slowly and always at the same speed regardless of speed-setting.  I talked to the parts guy at the local dealer, he says that is a common problem, they actually have 10 of those parts listed in stock!

So looks like I will have to replace this part... has anyone had any experience doing this job?


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