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I tried one on the 2.8 12v a while back and decided I didn't want to finish. Not as easy as the inline 5 is. I hope this is not as hard as the 2.812v but suspect it's worse.

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Should be OK to wait till 75K. I did on my A6 and my allroad is at 70K now. I remember seeing a writeup for a 2.8 A6 someplace. I thought about doing it myself (having done a couple 5 cyl turbo audis before. I found that my local independent dealer would do it for <$1000, so I said OK.


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I have an allroad and need to find out about the timing belt procedure for 
it. Is there a writup on it somewhere? Is it the same as the S4 biturbo
procedure. My car is almost to the 60000 mile mark. I can't see a board
that focuses on the allroad.

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