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Fri Dec 1 20:43:31 EST 2006

Thanks for the info. Let us know if you change your opinion after some 

On Dec 1, 2006, at 12:17 PM, Brandon Rogers wrote:

> Guys-
> we had some nice snow here in Denver and its been cold enough to stick
> around for a few days.  This is the fist time I've had a chance to 
> drive
> this car in the snow (other than a few weeks back when I still had the
> Dunlop SP 9000s on - that was interesting!).  Anyway I purchased some
> Hankook W300 for $123/tire at Discount.  Great tire for the money.  On
> both my urquattro 20V and former A4 I have/had Nokian WR tires.  Here 
> in
> Denver we unfortunately only have a few (say 5-10) days a year where
> there is actually snow on the roads.  So I don't get a full-on snow 
> like
> the Nokian RSi - not worth the decrease in dry pavement performance.  
> If
> I skied or made frequent trips to the mountains in the winter that 
> would
> be a different story.  It's hard to do a direct comparison because I
> have not driven the S4 with Nokians, but it hooks up in the snow with
> the Hankooks (with ESP both on and off - I prefer "off" if I have time
> for fun) almost as good as the A4 does with the Nokians - and frankly I
> attribute most of the difference to the greater power being applied
> (both A4 and S4 are chip and exhaust only).  I'm not shy with the
> throttle in the snow.  And the Hankook is V-rated - where most snows 
> are
> H rated.  The Nokian WR in H rating was about $204/tire and it was 
> about
> $220/tire in V rating.  Again Hankook was only $123/tire V rated.  Good
> deal.
> Brandon
> '84 urquattro 20Vt
> '01.5 S4
> '98 A4 1.8Tq sold
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