[Biturbos4] Winter tyres

John Marshall Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Thu Dec 14 11:14:12 EST 2006

I've got Mille Miglia Spider wheels in the factory original size.  I had
Dunlop Wintersports on them and wore them out.  I just put Bridgestone
Blizzack LM-25's on these wheels.  They seem very good in the little bit
of snow and ice we've had around here since I got them and have very
good dry road performance as well.  We haven't had much snow in recent
years around here, so this is important to me.  The Blizzacks also have
a very nice thick sidewall that protrudes beyond the wheel lip.  I see
no reason to vary from the factory standard wheel/tire size since I'm
not driving on snow/ice a high percentage of the time.

Probably only studded snows offer a really significant improvement in
snow/ice traction, but these are not acceptable for high speed dry
pavement use.  Perhaps carrying a set of good cable chains for the rare
really severe situation would be a good idea.  Cheers.  

John M. Harrison
Laramie, WY
2001.5 S4 Avant loaded  50k miles  stock
Still loving this car
Next new car - perhaps one of these Tesla electrics - check it out at
Audi VW should look into an all electric plug-in Audi quattro Avant in a
compact size with the sort of performance the Tesla boasts IMHO.  For me
this would be ideal.

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There are a limited number of 16" wheels that will clear the S4 brakes.
The OE wheels for 
the bigger-engined A6/S6 are rumored to fit, and Tire Rack has a couple
of choices.  Most 
Audi OE 16" wheels won't fit.

Narrower is definitely better.  Grant makes a good point about load
rating -- it's worth 
considering -- but load rating isn't necessarily directly related to
tire size.  It 
depends on the specific tire and its construction.

I run 205/55x16s on aftermarket wheels and they work well.  The only
thing I've hit that 
bent the wheel also took out the tire, so...


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Shows what I know, I didn't even realise you could get
16" to fit. That's good news as 16 inch tyres seem to
be considerably less expensive.

Any ideas for a suitable set of donor wheels? OE is 17
x 7.5 ET 45 with 225/45 tyres

I also have a lead on a set of 205/45/17 which I could
fit to the OE wheels, any thoughts? too narrow for 7.5


--- Grant Lenahan <glenahan at vfemail.net> wrote:

> I STRONGLY advise two things:
> 1) go 16" Narrower is better for snow.
> 2) Get an oversized tire to sustain the pounding
> from Ice chunks,
> winter potholes, etc. They say the OEM 16" size is
> 205/55/16.  I
> disagree.  That is a 91 load rating and you will
> bend wheels. I bent 6
> over 4 years, becoming quite chummy with the local
> wheel styraigtener.
> You can get a slightly oversize 215/55-16 or
> 235-50-16 on the car and
> get better load rating. Not sure if 225/55-16 will
> clear everything.
> Thats the size I run on my S6 now, and couldn;t be
> happier.  Have bent
> nothing, rides better, 95 load rating, good
> performance.  Fills the
> wheel well too!
> i am runnign Dunlup M3 Wintersport. Excellent tire.
> I also like Nokian
> WR, Pirelli Snowsport (240?); Vreidestein Snow Plus.
> Grant
> On Dec 12, 2006, at 7:28 PM, mike wrote:
> > Guys
> >
> > Looking for some cheap winter tyres, any
> suggestions
> > as to which size will fit would be appreciated.
> Car is
> > a '99 S4 avant
> >
> > TIA
> >
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