[Biturbos4] Control arm magic?

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Fri Dec 22 23:27:27 EST 2006

As ridiculous as it is, you unfortunately do have to lower the subframe a 
bit to extract those bolts.

You don't need to drop it down completely, but just back out the two large 
subframe bolts (they are really long) enough to free the control arm bolt.

-Dave Pramanik

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> I've been working to replace the front suspension control arms on my '01 
> S4, fighting the
> usual stubborn ball joints, etc.  One thing has me a little stumped.  The 
> bolts on the
> inside ends of the rear-most lower control arms run into the body before 
> they come far
> enough out to remove the arms.  There is no mention of it in the factory 
> ELSA information.
> Do I have to drop the subframe (!) just to make enough room to remove the 
> bolts.  Seems
> ridiculous.  Any experience out there?
> TIA,
> John
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