[Biturbos4] differential thump

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Great - I'll inspect the mount.

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There is a rubber/metal dampening mount on the front of the rear diff.  The 
rubber can tear and cause the diff to move more than normal, which in turn 
causes the driveshaft flange to hit the underbody.

The replacement mount can be had from online retailers for about $170.

-Dave Pramanik

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> Hello folks,
> I have an 02 Tip - under initial hard acceleration (1st or 2nd gear) there
> is firm thump sound and feeling coming from rear diff.  After one thump, 
> it
> seems to "seat" itself and I can not make it reoccur until 40-50 miles of
> casual light driving (normally next day or so when I punch it).  If I ease
> into it a few times, it will seem to be ok, w/no thump.  Could there be
> something wearing out in the differential ? Any idea ?  I recall this
> feeling a few times over past couple years, but it's becoming the norm 
> now.
> Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone.
> TS
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