[Biturbos4] Can I run 105 octane in my stock 2001 S4?

bob rotax rotax017 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 28 10:44:38 EST 2006

     Hi guys, I am a new S4 owner, maybe you can answer this for me. I have 
searched all over Vermont and cannot find 100-octane gas. If you guys know 
of any places please let me know. There is a place right down the road that 
sells 105 unleaded.
     Can I run 105 octane in my stock 2001 S4? I think it is a pre 01.5 
because of the early style badges but I do have an esp button. I have not 
had the chance to look at the ecu or shifter yet. I am on the East Coast and 
have 93 readily available.
     I am thinking of purchasing a chip soon and am starting my research. I 
plan on getting 93/100 software. I was told I can run the 105 with chip in 
100 race mode. Can I run 105 stock now? Will this do anything other than 
keep the knock sensors form activating early? Is there any significant hp 
     There is also 100 Avgas and 110 race fuel available locally but it is 
leaded and I hear that this is very bad for the oxygen sensors?
      Anyone have BTDT or experience with chips and can recommend one that 
you feel worked well? I am leaning toward APR but am considering MTM, AWE, 
Achtunig, etc...
Thanks for the help. -Bob

-Bob Rotax
5592 RT. #7
Ferrisburg, Vermont
rotax017 at hotmail.com

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