[Biturbos4] Can I run 105 octane in my stock 2001 S4?

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Thu Dec 28 11:41:08 EST 2006

You can run it, but it'd be a huge waste of money.  There's no reason to run that kind of octane gas unless you have the programming to support it.

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> Hi guys, I am a new S4 owner, maybe you can answer this for me. I have 
> searched all over Vermont and cannot find 100-octane gas. If you guys know 
> of any places please let me know. There is a place right down the road that 
> sells 105 unleaded. 
> Can I run 105 octane in my stock 2001 S4? I think it is a pre 01.5 
> because of the early style badges but I do have an esp button. I have not 
> had the chance to look at the ecu or shifter yet. I am on the East Coast and 
> have 93 readily available. 
> I am thinking of purchasing a chip soon and am starting my research. I 
> plan on getting 93/100 software. I was told I can run the 105 with chip in 
> 100 race mode. Can I run 105 stock now? Will this do anything other than 
> keep the knock sensors form activating early? Is there any significant hp 
> gain? 
> There is also 100 Avgas and 110 race fuel available locally but it is 
> leaded and I hear that this is very bad for the oxygen sensors? 
> Anyone have BTDT or experience with chips and can recommend one that 
> you feel worked well? I am leaning toward APR but am considering MTM, AWE, 
> Achtunig, etc... 
> Thanks for the help. -Bob 
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