[Biturbos4] Windows dropping by themselves ... update

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 09:39:43 EST 2006

I recently had my last Assured warranty coverage visit
(well, 300 miles left).  I mentioned the window
dropping issue and they replaced both passenger and
driver's side front window regulators.  The technician
showed me how he tests them by dropping the windows
halfway and grabbing the glass with his hand.  He
could move the glass up and down slightly - this is
apparently NOT to spec.

To my pleasure, they also replaced the seat heater on
the driver's side and the Comfort system circulation
fan (which would squeal when cornering).

I went out and bought an old 87 4000Q to act as a
spare car so I could defer $4 repairs as needed in the
future .... I kinda like this little 4000!


Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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