[Biturbos4] "Man has this list been quiet lately" = It's because the B5-S4 Isn't The HOT Car Anymore - Less NEW Owner Interest

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 11:41:42 EST 2006

Don't get me wrong. The B5-S4 will probably end up becoming an enthusiasts car - I can see the trends. But, it's day as the HOT car is beginning to wane, and you are starting to see ONLY those who LOVE this car remaining on this board and AudiWorld (which is more active). I own a Porsche 951 and the dynamics are the same with that car too - only the enthusiasts remain - which can be a good thing!

Single Malt <s_malt at yahoo.com> wrote:
  --- mike mcclurg wrote:

> Man has this list been quiet lately.
> I have owned my stock '01 since May '05 and from the
> beginning it has had a sort of surge sometimes when
> gently rolling on the gas. At first it was most
> noticeable when using cruise control and traveling
> in
> hills. After the bottom of the hill, when applying
> more gas, it would suddenly jerk. After a while, I
> also noticed that this could happen without cruise
> control also if gently pushing down the gas pedal.
> Is this an electronic gas pedal thing or is it in
> the
> computer?
> Anybody else have this problem? I searched the
> archives, but couldn't find anything.

I am, of course, totally not an expert or even well
versed, but I've looked into this same issue. The
accuracy of what I've learned is suspect, but here it
is anyway ....

The throttle is "fly by wire", the angle of the gas
pedal is interpreted by a computer to provide
acceleration and absence of acceleration (lift). 

The jerk you are feeling when coming back the other
side of a dip could be engine mounts or transmission
slop that come into play as the free-wheeling nature
of rolling downhill transistions to the application of
power again. There are two "fixes" I'm aware of: 1)
Drive Train Stabilizer and 2) Snub mount. The Drive
Train Stabilizer might compromise the exit path of the
transmission during an accident - perhaps causing it
to enter the passenger cabin. Snub mount is less
expensive and reportedly less effective.


Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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