[Biturbos4] HID light cutoff

Mark Quinn mequinn at comcast.net
Thu Jan 19 15:36:29 EST 2006

I love the HID lights on my A6 but hate the sharp cutoff, especially 
when going downhill or down dips when you can't see 5 ft in front of the 

I know this cutoff is formed by a motorized (for adjustment) plate.  
What I want to know is if it might be possibly to cut slots or a zig-zag 
line in the plate to give a softer rolloff (rather than a cutoff)?  Has 
anyone tried this.  Or can anyone who may have taken their lights apart, 
comment on the feasability of this?

Or am I just blowing smoke?

-Mark Quinn
2001 A6 2.7t (various mods)

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