[Biturbos4] HID light cutoff

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Jan 20 12:01:32 EST 2006

Quincy Chiang writes:
> I have European-spec HID headlights (ecodes) in my S4, and I gotta
> say the difference is very noticeable.

Agree.  I also have the e-codes on my S4.  You just need to swap the
lamp housings and transfer the stock bulbs and ballast over to the
Euros.  The Euros also have provisions for city lights which you splice
into the parking light circuit.  It's not exactly a cheap conversion
(the e-codes housings go for about $550 a pair) but you can recoup a
bit of that by selling the US housings on ebay or something.

The results are well worth the trouble and expense.


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