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"downside is that you're stuck with the odometer reading in that cluster when it was rebuilt." == Not True. 
  You can use VAG-COM to re-set the mileage - if you own the software. You can also take it to your local dealer and have them re-set the mileage - as long as they have the vin for your S4 (I'm assuming that you'll take cluster to them in your S4, or install the cluster (in your S4) first, and then drive the S4 to the Dealer).

Quincy Chiang <b5quattro at shaw.ca> wrote:
  Hi David,

Although missing lines is a more common failure mode, I've read and seen failing displays just like yours. Failure is failure, either way the only recourse, if you don't mind paying, is to replace the entire cluster with a new unit from the dealer.

I've read about remanufactured units sold by dealers for half the price, ~$400 IIRC. But the downside is that you're stuck with the odometer reading in that cluster when it was rebuilt. But then I could be wrong.

Recently, someone on AW is researching to try to understand why the screen fails so frequently, and where to get replacement parts for just the LED screen and cable. Do a search on AW and see for yourself. This guy is pretty determined to find a solution, a better interface/display than Audi's original supplier's design. Hopefully he'll come through, but that probably won't happen for another few months.

'01.5 S4 - one line at the bottom missing occasionally...
'90 CoupeQ - simple trip computer display still functions perfectly after 16 years ;-)

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Date: Thursday, January 19, 2006 9:58 am
Subject: [Biturbos4] Console Display Acting Up

> Happy New Year, Listers!
> I have an issue I'd like to pass by everyone.
> My centre display is acting up, but not like what's been previously
> reported on this list. In the past, people have complained that 
> one or
> more lines of the LED display will go out (and perhaps get 
> progressivelyworse). Instead, mine has an irregular-shaped 
> "splotch" that lights up
> and traverses diagonally from the centre area (where the outside-temp
> might be displayed), into the upper area (where the current radio
> station would be shown). BTW, the "splotchy" area appears 
> brighter than
> the normally displayed characters and if you look at it with the 
> vehicleoff, you can see its shape outlined in the display area.
> It started one really cold day (-15-deg C) and has been getting worse
> ever since. Once the car warms up, the affected area actually 
> retreatsa little, but never goes completely away. Then next 
> morning, after
> another cold Canadian winter night, it will have grown a little 
> larger.
> Has anyone had this happen to them? Can this be "fixed" somehow, or
> must the display be replaced?
> TIA for any help/advice!
> Cheers,
> David
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> '01 S4, 6spd (stock) 
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