[Biturbos4] 50K miles of S4 bliss

John Marshall Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Sat Jan 21 12:23:51 EST 2006

Couldn't have said it better myself.  I was fortunate to have been
attracted to the Avant model, bought the thing almost on impulse and
have not been sorry for a second.  I was originally looking at the TT,
but inquired about the little silver station wagon inside on the show
room floor.  I noticed it had more power than the TT I had just driven -
and room for passengers and stuff.  That's the one I ended up taking
home.  My love affair with this machine is still going strong after 4.5
years. -John

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Well put, Ti.

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A couple of weeks ago my S4 biturbo turned over 50K miles.  It's
not perfect, but the few minor glitches occurred early in its life and
were all taken care of under warranty.  The car continues to put a smile
on my face every time I get in it.  It's about as good an all-arounder
any car aspires to be...  Handsome from any angle but does not scream
for undue attention, powerful when asked to be, a cat's meow and even
gas when driven lightly.  Add quattro control and handling regardless of
weather, good ride, safety, room for four, good trunk space, refinement,
quality materials, that intangible "good taste" in design that only
Audi masters to perfection, and yes, reliability and dependability.

No troubles with the engine or turbos -- everything is peachy as could
be.  Starts with first twist of key, idles smoothly no matter the
conditions, roars a beautiful sound when prodded.  All gadgets work
and the only thing that shows the car's age is a slight rattle in
the driver side window area when the ambient temperature is between
50F and 60F or so.  Other than that, the car is still solid as granite.

I am on my second set of Conti SportContact2 235/40-18 on B6 S4 18x8
wheels.  I thought these were good tires when the wheels initially came
installed with them as OEM fitment, and recently Car & Driver's max-
performance comparo confirmed my opinion by placing this tire 2nd
overall in a field of 11, trailing only behind the Goodyear Eagle F1

The newly-installed Phatnoise car audio system is so very cool...
I love it.  I now have 80GB of storage on the thing and so far have
put over 550 albums of music on it, and it's only about 1/3 full.
Gone are the days when the same 6 CDs would remain in the changer
for months, because I forgot or was too lazy to switch them out.

Sometimes we get so used to the basic goodness of our Audis, and take
them for granted.  It's only when we drive other cars, even those
that are supposed to be in a similar class, that we become aware again
how our own cars hits the nail squarely on that sweet spot.

So here is a belated happy new year to you all, and wish you many miles
of blissful driving in your Audis.


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