[Biturbos4] HID light cutoff

John AudiFans at BackYardEngineering.com
Sat Jan 21 13:13:33 EST 2006

Ti Kan wrote:
> John writes:
>> By projector I meant the entire ECE projector module:
>> 	http://tinyurl.com/a2yo6
>> 	http://tinyurl.com/9rpxe
>> You'd have to disassemble the headlights to change them...
> For our B5 Audi HID headlight housings, disassembly is not for the faint
> of heart.  You'd most likely destroy it if you try.
> -Ti

Is that the voice of experience?  ;-)   Sounds like I either have to bite the
bullet and pay for the complete headlight or disassemble it before buying the
protector module... That way I won't end up with a set of new HID projectors
sitting on my work bench next to broken headlights. 8-0


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