[Biturbos4] HID light cutoff

John AudiFans at BackYardEngineering.com
Sat Jan 21 13:19:46 EST 2006

Mark Quinn wrote:
> So back to my original question... Can you modify the beam cutoff plates?
> Either to emulate the ECE pattern, or to do as I originally thought by
> cutting thin "V"s to give a more gentle effective roll off?
> (By the way, to counter those talking about oncoming "glare", the whole
> point of rolloff would be to reduce the light at the cutoff point to
> throw *some* light further, but without the full output causing glare to
> other drivers).

IMHO Ti's answer applies to your question too...

Ti Kan wrote:
> For our B5 Audi HID headlight housings, disassembly is not for the faint
> of heart.  You'd most likely destroy it if you try.

Maybe we can get a quantity discount on complete ECE headlights?  ;-)


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