[Biturbos4] bumped a curb

Bill Neilsen wneils at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 26 09:25:01 EST 2006

Slid in the snow and hit the driver side tire at about 5 mph. Bounced back 
and didn't even hear a crunch.

Then looked at the dash and saw th check engine, ABS, and triangle lights 
all on.

Backed up and proceede forward. The car would not go over 2k rpm and would 
buck and lurch if you did.

Got home and looked and indeed I did take a hunk of plastic low an th driver 
side.  All the lights were still on in the morning so I drove the other 

Whats wrong?  What do I do?

             TIA   Bill      2001 S4   ABTchip  Stoptech Brakes, 50k miles

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