[Biturbos4] bumped a curb

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jan 26 10:11:32 EST 2006

Bill Neilsen writes:
> Slid in the snow and hit the driver side tire at about 5 mph. Bounced back 
> and didn't even hear a crunch.
> Then looked at the dash and saw th check engine, ABS, and triangle lights 
> all on.
> Backed up and proceede forward. The car would not go over 2k rpm and would 
> buck and lurch if you did.
> Got home and looked and indeed I did take a hunk of plastic low an th driver 
> side.  All the lights were still on in the morning so I drove the other 
> vehicle.
> Whats wrong?  What do I do?

Do you or a friend have VAG-COM?  Plug it in and check for DTCs.
That should be quite telltale why the car is not happy.  You can
also pop the hood and visually inspect everything, make sure your
little bump didn't dislodge a hose or undo a electrical connector


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