[Biturbos4] timing belt / oil temp

Steven Lin steven at juniper.net
Thu Jan 26 19:49:49 EST 2006

Richard Shiba writes:

> Heya,
> I recently had my timing belt, water pump, tensioners, etc all replaced.
> I noticed immediately that the engine oil temp now runs alot hotter than
> it did before.  For example in normal highway driving, i'd run an oil
> temp of 180-190 if i didn't push it at all.  Now i'm almost always
> right around 200-205.  Does that make sense to anyone?

> This is a 2000 S4, with over 90k miles (i know, i know, i waited waaay
> too long to replace it!)...running Mobil1 0w-40 synth oil...

I have almost the exact same thing happen to me.  My thermostat seized
after 5 years, so I had them replace the timing belt while the hood
was up.  My oil temps went up, too, although not as much as yours.
Mine went from something like 200 to 210.  180-190 seems really low.


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