[Biturbos4] Headlight lamp replacement

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Jan 30 21:27:48 EST 2006

Mark Isenberger writes:
> My 2001.5 S4 just came off warranty and the left headlight lamp has burned 
> out.  Is the replacement simple?  I'm hoping to avoid going back the the 
> dealer for this (they've butchered something on almost every trip there).
> Is the procedure documented some where?  Do I need to disconnect the battery 
> when replacing the lamp?  If so, will the loss of electricity cause errors 
> or other losses of memory?

You just need to replace the HID bulb.  It is not difficult although
access is tight on the left side.  From my memory all it takes is
to undo the spring clip in the back of the headlight housing to open
the access door, unplug the connector from the bulb assembly, unclip
the spring clips that secure the HID bulb to the housing, then remove
bulb.  Installation is the reverse.  Since acces is tight and it's
hard to see what you're doing, this could be tricky.  The alternative
is to remove the headlight housing completely and do it off the car,
but that might be more than you care to do.

Do not use much force on the bulb or the internals of the light.
They are delicate.

Strictly speaking you should always disconnect battery when working
on anything electrical, but in this case it should be fairly safe
not to, as long as your ignition and headlight switchs are turned off.


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