[Biturbos4] Just Installed Motorola HF850 Bluetooth Kit

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Sat Jul 8 06:34:02 EDT 2006

Hey Folks!

I had a factory analog phone in my '01 S4 and have now replaced it with a
Motorola HF850 Bluetooth kit.  It works exactly like my old phone except
that I use my Motorola SLVR L7 in place of the handset since I've configured
the two to "bond" automatically whenever they're within range.

The articles on AudiWorld were invaluable, but I also learned a few tricks
on my own so if anyone here is thinking of doing similarly, let me know and
I can expand.  Just briefly, I rerouted the original trunk-mounted cable
terminating in a female DB25, into the back seat area and made all my
connections under the back seat.  The Bluetooth control unit itself, I
mounted under the dash up front.  I used the factory speaker but didn't
avoided using the factory microphone as I didn't want to jerk around with
creating an interface circuit.

I do have one question for listers, though.  My centre console still has the
flip-out bracket in which the original handset was installed.  Does anyone
know how to remove it?  

The bracket is connected and pivots on 4 horizontal posts (2 on each side)
which don't look to be removable from inside the console unit.  If these
posts are removable from the outside, how do I remove the console cover on
each side to get at them?  I hope I don't have to change the entire console
- do I?!?

I snapped off the circular plastic pieces covering both sides of the pivot
point for the entire console but wasn't able to remove the slide-on lock
washers holding it in.  Is there a trick here?  (I was told by a friend that
they usually destroy the old ones and put new ones on ... is this true?)

One last thing, is there any trick to removing the externally-mounted
antenna off my rear glass?

Thanks, one and all, for considering my plight!  :)

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