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I have the same issues.  The only solution I've found is to push the
front passenger seat all the way forward and mount the seat behind it.
Oh, and prefer short friends so if they need a ride they can still fit
up front. :)

I do this with my older kid's front-facing seat also, so she won't kick
the back of the passenger seat.  Not sure what I'll do if/when I need to
transport both kids.


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I've had trouble getting a baby seat in the back of my '01 S4: when a
friend came over last year, we could only get people to set in the car
(and get the seat in) by putting it in the middle, in the back, and
moving the front seats up.

I'm 6'3", and need to have the driver's set all the way back.  Any
ideas/thoughts on what options I have if I have to have a baby seat
(infant, facing backward) in the S4?



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