[Biturbos4] Grinding Sound from rear during slow speed stop

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Wed Jun 14 10:07:58 EDT 2006

Wheel bearing noise should increase with speed (I'd think a diff problem would too), and 
get louder in a right or left turn.  You should be able to detect a change as you load and 
unload the bearing while weaving from side to side.  Ask me how I know.

In spite of the age of the pads, I'd look first at the brakes.  It could even be something 
stupid like a stone jammed in the caliper and grinding on the rotor.

Good luck!

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From: <mattovr6 at aol.com>

It shouldn't be pads, they're about 20,000 miles old, but I'll pull them off and check 
them.  It's an odd sound, but it could be a wheel bearing.  How can you test those?  Can't 
you take the weight off of the wheels, and pull on the wheels and it'll have movement? 
I'm going to pull it apart this afternoon to see if I can find what it is...

Thx for the help - matt 

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