[Biturbos4] Audi R10 TDI victory at Le Mans!

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Jun 18 13:36:46 EDT 2006

History has been made and Audi has accomplished the goal of being the first
to ever win Le Mans with a diesel powered race car.

During pre-race warm up both cars received transmission replacements
because the No. 7 car exhibited problems, and it was decided that both
cars get new transmissions as a preventative measure.

The No. 8 car then consistenty led the race to its finish, with nary a
problem.  The No. 7 car was not so lucky, having to go into the paddock
for the repair of a broken windscreen, a turbocharger replacement, and
a suspension repair all in separate occasions which cost dearly in lost
time.  Nevertheless thanks to the retirement of the Racing for Holland
Dome-Judd retiring, the No. 7 Audi was able to to move into third place
and stay there, 13 laps behind the leading R10.

The second place Pescarolo-Judd proved to be a formidable competition but
was not able to gain on the winning Audi, finishing 4 laps behind.


Congratulations to Audi Sport Team Joest, this is a stunning achievement
considering the maiden race for the R10 at Le Mans and the new fuel


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