[Biturbos4] [biturbos4] fuel fill problem

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 18:01:39 EDT 2006

--- T Stifler <tstifler at att.net> wrote:

> Recently when ever I fill the tank ('02 S4) the gas
> nozzle keeps cutting off
> after approx ea 1 gal of gas?

BTDT - any codes????

The vent can be clogged, or in our case the
aftermarket exhaust melted the EVAP hose that sucks
fumes from the tank (during filling too, I guess)
through the canister below your spare tire well.

We had to replace a section of that hose/tube ...
maybe yours is just clogged.

If you are recording DTC's that point to EVAP, that
might pinpoint it.

'01.5 S4 Sedan
'03 A4 3.0 Sedan
'87 4000 CSq (f'in sweet, baby)
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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