[Biturbos4] Buying a 2000 S4

Wilson Northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Sat Mar 4 23:56:22 EST 2006

Not sure about the trip display issue, i haven't seen a single S4 with 
that problem, but the dispaly in the center is a common problem.  Mine 
goes from perfectly clear to somewhat garbled with the temperature 
changes. I should try applying some Stabilant-22 and see what happens 

I can tell you about the buttons on the center console.  Best way to to 
this is to clean it with water.  Just water, nothing else.  The problem 
is, you don't want to go splashing water all over.

I took my climate control out, and removed the faceplate from the unit. I 
then took the face plate, which is just plastic and aluminum, and 
submerged it in water.  I left it that way over night.  After that and 
reassembly, the sticky issues are completely gone, it's just like brand 

Some recommend spraying one chemical or another, I tried that, but it 
never really was perfect until the water bath.  Also take care when you 
remove the radio and climate control.  With the radio, if you don't have 
the code to unlock it, you'll want to keeep the wires attached.  it is 
actually possible to do this.  Second, when  you remove the climate 
control, take care not to damage the springs that hold the heated seat 
controls.  those are easy to break.

2000 S4 BiTurbo
1994 RX7 TwinTurbo

On Sat, 4 Mar 2006, Brent Henry wrote:

> I have put a down payment on a 2000 S4 today.  It has 170,000kms
>(or just over 100,000 miles), but appears to be in excellent condition...
>I gave it an extremely thorough review inside and out with a lengthy test 
>drive.  I have also scheduled an appointment at the local Audi dealer to 
>run a complete 300 point check on the car before I make my final 
> I would like to hear some feedback on what to look out for in these cars,
>with regard to electrical or mechanical weakness for cars with this much 
> The only things that I noticed wrong with the car, was that the trip-computer
>display was a little scrambled (intermittent)...  I believe that this
>could be cured with an application of Stabilant-22 contact enhancer -- on 
>all of the dash connections?  How easy is it to remove the dash?  Is 
>there any procedures listed on the web somewhere?  The other thing was 
>that some of the Climate Control button movements were a little sticky... 
>I suspect spilled coffee from a poorly placed in-dash cup holder?
> Thanks for any feedback that you can provide.
> Brent Henry.
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