[Biturbos4] After run pump - was Buying a 2000 S4

Adam Schwartz adamdschwartz at comcast.net
Tue Mar 7 10:22:44 EST 2006

Definitely a great write up Keman.

Now I've got a question.  My Y2K S4 is starting to develop those 
'pink crustys' on the after run pump. Ive noticed it a few months 
back, and researched enough to know what the problem is.  How big a 
job is it to replace that pump. Looks like a nasty job. Does the 
intake need to be removed? Or is there another way to get that pump 
out.  Thinking about selling the car too - I love my S4, but its got 
95k miles on it, another year and I wont get much for it.  Ive been 
looking at the Volvo S60R - I love turbo, I love AWD - and Brembos! 
Its definitely not as tight as the new S4, but still a pretty nice 
car. I love the new S4, but its a little more than I am wanting to 
spend this time around.  What do you guys look at if you had to get 
something new?


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