[Biturbos4] Buying a 2000 S4

Adam Schwartz adamdschwartz at comcast.net
Wed Mar 8 10:48:51 EST 2006

>  > From: Adam Schwartz:
>>  Thinking about selling the car too - I love my
>>  S4, but its got 95k miles on it, another year
>>  and I wont get much for it.
>Surprise! Too late.

Actually the price range you are talking about is what I expect. My 
idea of not getting much for it would be sub 10k.  I did get an offer 
from the Audi dealer in your same range, $12,000 - But I have another 
offer of $15k from a friend, which incudes my 18" wheels and my APR 

The R32's really are holding their value. Ive seen a few on ebay not 
sell because the reserve is too high. The S4 is a little rare, but 
not as rare as an R32. Also I think people shy away from older S4's 
due to fear of turbo failure.

But I hear ya. The S4 is a great car, and I own it now. Its nice not 
having a payment. But Ive got the itch for somthing new.

If I can get $15k for my S4 w/ accessories, then I am happy.

no one has any thoughts on the Volvo S60?



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