[Biturbos4] Buying a 2000 S4

Brent Henry thehenrys at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 8 19:28:24 EST 2006

Hi guys,

The 2000 S4 that I just bought yesterday, was the lowest price S4 that I
have ever seen in the GTA, I paid $14,900(CDN)... and I have never seen one
under 20K.  So I was expecting it to have some real issues, but I guess we
were just lucky!!!  Although, you don't see the higher mileage cars too
often, most are still under 100,000kms.

Basically, the '00 S4's were out of our price range (most people asking
around $25K), so we were looking for a pristine '98-'00 A4 2.8 (loaded) for
around $13-14K, but was having a hard time finding a nice one for a good
price (nice examples seem to draw much bigger $$)... I've seen some very
nice '99 A4 2.8's with low mileage going for $17K... yikes... sorry no way!
I just happened to come across this S4 by chance... it was at the same
dealer that we test drove a '99 A4 2.8... when I saw their asking price I
almost shit ($15,900), we negotiated them down to $14,900 as-is!!!  And it
ended up not needing anything for the safety check... it was like fate or

Anyways, we are extremely happy with our purchase... my wife is out tonight
showing it off to her girl friends!!!

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> I was offered $20k for my S4 avant (with ALL the goodies) recently.  I
declined.  Another dealer offered me $15k for the avant, I declined them as
well.  I'd be willing to take $17-18k from a dealer for it on trade, as it'd
be in stock condition (I could make quite a bit selling off the parts) and
the tax savings involved.
> The sedans don't seem to hold their value nearly as well as the avants.  I
see sedans sell for $15-16k privately all the time...
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> > > From: Adam Schwartz:
> > > Thinking about selling the car too - I love my
> > > S4, but its got 95k miles on it, another year
> > > and I wont get much for it.
> >
> > Surprise! Too late.
> >
> > I saw a really nice Jazz Blue VW R32 on a dealer lot
> > last month. Looked nearly new, 22k miles. That's a car
> > I really like, and one I really shoulda traded for in
> > '04 (when the values were about the same.) In fact,
> > when I was in the market for a car in '00, I really
> > wanted the Euro-only S3...
> >
> > Anyway, I stop in to look it over, the dealer looks
> > over my car, and compliments me on its condition. I
> > let them drive it, he said it was well-cared-for,
> > everything worked fine. I didn't have time to chat so
> > I asked the salesman to call me in a couple of days
> > with the numbers.
> >
> > Guy calls me back. Said my car was in great shape and
> > they're willing to offer me a "good, solid $12,000"
> > for it. To cap it, they're "only" asking $29,995 for
> > the R32 (this, for a car that had an original base
> > MSRP of $29,100.) Uh, my Audi S4 plus $18,000 for an
> > R32? Go pound sand.
> >
> > Later, I traded emails with someone else intereste din
> > buying my car, and got an effective offer of close to
> > that.
> >
> > So here I am thinking about it: my Nogaro Blue '00 S4
> > in pristine condition is worth ~$12,000? Where in the
> > HELL am I gonna get any car with this kind of
> > performance, comfort, and luxury for less than the
> > price of a new base Honda Civic? A comparable new car
> > will easily cost me $35,000 or more and the
> > performance will be par, if not less; for the +$20k
> > difference I can do a HELL of a lot of mods and
> > repairs! Let's not even consider the long-term
> > economic costs of registration, insurance, and
> > property taxes.
> >
> > So, although I'd sure like a new car, it just doesn't
> > make any sense at all to sell my S4 and spend MORE
> > money on something that is not as good a car. I truly
> > believe that we have a rare piece here: a good car at
> > a (now very) good value. - Greg
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