[Biturbos4] considering '01 S4 avant

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Considering the '01 S4 Avant had a total of only about 1650 cars 
entering the US, they're rare and desirable for a limited number of 
buyer's. If you really like the car, the price isn't unrealistic. I've 
had mine since new and has been trouble free and is especially 
enjoyable for long road trips. If you stay off the loud pedal, 
considering the performance available, it gets remarkable road mileage. 
It is possible to spend 12-14 hours behind the wheel at a time and not 
arrive fatigued. If you buy, always use Mobil 1, 0W30, be religious 
about oil changes and don't stand on it 'til the oil temp is up to 
normal and I bet you'll have a hard time letting go of this car. I'm 
pretty sure I'll have mine for several years yet.

 The Karmann.

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 half original value after 5 years sounds high...i
 would have been expecting closer to 25%

 my '99 s4 cost about £40k when new and i paid £7.5k
 eighteen months ago off ebay (that was cheap, most
 were £10k and up at the time)

 my turbos have now done 175k (miles) and still seem



 --- Keith Lawyer <LawyerKG at co.laplata.co.us> wrote:

 > The wife drove it, loved it of course. 73k miles.
 > They're asking just under $22k
 > Wife says Audi's VIN is WAUXD68D11A124624 I have
 > the original window sticker and it sold for $43,925.
 > It a 2.7 liter 250 hp V6 biturbo
 > I barely understood the I5 10V, and I know nothing
 > of the bi-turbos. Things to look for, watch out
 > for?
 > How is turbo longevity? One rumor says the turbos
 > are only good for 100k miles.
 > Thanks for any input
 > Keith L
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