[Biturbos4] Engine DTC help request

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed May 17 12:38:46 EDT 2006

So tell me, has your local fuel station started using ethanol?

Or.. perhaps.. more ethanol?

Ethanol's stoic is around 9-10:1. As opposed to what we call "gasoline" 
which is around 14.7:1.

For a given mixture, the O2 sensor will see it as running lean the more 
ethanol you use, and try to richen it up.

I'm starting to want a handheld sensor like what's in the flex-fuel cars 
to see exactly how much is in the gas I'm pumping. "18%? The pump says 

It could be something else. But these days, right now, with what's going 
on with gasoline and ethanol, I trust no oil company.

I'm back in the turbo world, btw. It's not an S4. Specifically, the 
license plate says NOTANS4. It's an '88 ford thunderbird turbocoupe. My 
beatermobile, alive after a year of rebuilding it. My '05 S4 is getting 
14-15 mpg, and the 50 mile commutes have just been killing me with gas 
prices. I'm not getting rid of it, but it's going to do something less 
than the 23k miles that I just put on it for the first year of ownership 

Because of this, I'm more interested in ethanol being in my cars than 
ever. That is, I hate the stuff.

- Keman

On Tue, 16 May 2006, Ti Kan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I ran a fault scan with VAG-COM on my 2001.5 S4 yesterday and
> the ECU reported the following:
> ---------
> Control Module Part Number: 8D0 907 551 M
>  Component and/or Version: 2.7l V6/5VT     G   0001
>           Software Coding: 06711
>            Work Shop Code: WSC 06435
> 1 Fault Found:
> 17538 - Fuel Trim: Bank 2 (Mult): System too Lean
>        P1130 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
> ---------
> Searching the VAG-COM mailing list and Audiworld forums on this DTC
> gave a few references to MAF going bad.  But most of those referred to
> the earlier, trouble-prone Bosch MAFs rather than the Hitachi MAF that
> my car has.  At any rate, the DTC says it's intermittent, so I cleared
> the code and went for a test drive, accelerating the car up to 6000 rpm
> a couple of times.  Re-checking with VAG-COM, and the DTC did not return.
> So, all seems ok at this point, but I wonder if the DTC might be a sign
> that the diverter valves are wearing out?  Mine are the original ones
> that came with the car.
> Any BTDTs would be appreciated.
> -Ti
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