[Biturbos4] Fw: turbo boost specified vs actual

Robin Gibson robingibson at cowanlinn.co.uk
Mon May 22 04:32:27 EDT 2006

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Subject: turbo boost specified vs actual


I have been logging vag com block 115 and notice a significant difference between specified and actual boost under some load conditions.  At low load/rpm actual boost is often 10% above specified eg 980 specified, 1080 actual.  At high load and rpm this is often reversed, eg 2130 specified vs 2050 actual.  Some individual readings show a large difference eg 1040 spec vs 1300 actual, but these large differences are short-lived.  Can anyone advise from their own experience if this is typical?  Engine is ABT chipped to 310hp.

Thanks for your help
Robin Gibson

1999 S4 AVANT

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