[Biturbos4] Quick question about springs and shocks

Steven Lin steven at juniper.net
Fri May 26 12:02:34 EDT 2006

mike mcclurg writes:

> Right now, my '01 S4 is lowered (Intrax springs, I
> think - they are purple anyway) with Koni shocks.

> >From reading the archives and looking on audiworld, I
> have found that it is a no-no to put stock shocks on
> lowering springs, but my question is the reverse.

> What if I put stock springs back on? Can I still use
> the Koni shocks?

I am definitely no suspension expert, but I recall reading that this
would be a bad idea.  The rates on the stock springs are very low
(something like 200ish .lbs vs 400 or more for aftermarket).  Springs
and shocks should be matched to provide reasonable compression,
dampening and rebound.  Changing the shocks without changing the
springs can upset this balance and can result in a less than pleasant
ride.  Effects can range anywhere from too much dive and squat to

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can comment.

Steven Lin
Juniper Networks

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