[Biturbos4] Phatnoise Installation.

Wilson Northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Mon May 29 02:14:12 EDT 2006

As others have posted before, these have been dropping in price quite a 
bit.  They seem to have stablized  between $150 and $180 for the unit 
and adapter cable (Interface Wire Lead) for the B5S4.  The S4 should have 
the CD changer cable available already, even if the car does not have a CD 

Anyway, I picked one up last week.

I was skeptical about the voice prompting, at first but it is really much 
better than taking your eyes off the road and the navigation is quite 
quick.   So far i like it better than looking down at an ipod or similar 
device... and navigation through artist/genre/album is quite efficient.

The unit mounts into the CD Changer spot in the S4, but there are only two 
screw holes that line up.  I opted to remove the bracket and add another 
hole for stability.   The unit sits in there quite firmly now.

If one searches the various audi archives, one will notice that there are 
two models.  The older one (red?) had a flat base and using velcro to 
attach the  unit to the bracket would be the way to go.  The newer unit 
has a curved base, so i wasn't quite so keen on the velco plan.

If you opt to order one for the B5 S4, do not order the brackets. they 
will be useless to you.   Keep in mind also that these are now 
discontinued, so you'll have to find one in stock somewhere.

New cartridges shouldn't be much of a problem as the DMS and Phatbox 
continues to be sold for other applications.   In addition, google will 
show you how to replace the hdd if you are so inclined.

I do dislike the tones that present themselves after one has finally 
selected the playlist/track/etc that one wishes to play.  It's not really 
bad, but i'd like to get rid of it.  Maybe i'll look into that.

'00 S4 BiTurbo
'94 RX7 TwinTurbo

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