[Biturbos4] Glass Trim Rust

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Mon May 29 08:01:39 EDT 2006

Hi Folks!

Ever since its warranty expired, my '01 S4 (in-service Nov 2000) has been
showing some puckering around the upper corners of the windshield right at
the rubber-coated trim piece.  (Needless to say, it hasn't responded well to
neglect and has been worsening as time goes on.)

I recently discovered that my rear window is also exhibiting the same

The advice I've been given is that a glass shop will have to remove the
glass to replace the trim piece, but I see a few issues with this:
1.  Anytime you remove the window glass, you chance having it break.
(Anyone know how likely this is to occur?)
2.  If the same trim is put back, unless there was a defect in the original
pieces, won't the problem simply recur down the road?
3.  Isn't it likely that the car body around and underneath the rusting trim
is also rusting, thus requiring some body work before the glass is replaced?

Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, has anyone tried to get AoA to
cover some/all of the cost?

Any comments/advice is much appreciated!


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