[Biturbos4] FS: (6) AWE Fueling Kit Injectors for the S4

Curiousyellow at aol.com Curiousyellow at aol.com
Mon May 29 19:56:00 EDT 2006

I'm selling a set of six stage 3 injectors for the B5  S4. These injectors 
are from an AWE RSK04 kit and flow 470cc at 3 bar. I believe  that comes out to 
42#. These injectors are also known as Bosch greentops or  "Lightning" 
injectors, popular amongst the homebrew crowd. 

They are  Bosch part #0280150558. These are not knock offs; they are genuine 
Bosch  injectors! Perfect for the homebrewer or those running stage 3- S4s 
with  K04s.

They are lightly used and came from a car putting down 450+ HP.  Nothing 
wrong with them. 

Asking $250 shipped OBO for the set of 6. 

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