[Biturbos4] S4 transmission tunnel shuddering, ding-ding noise

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 17:31:04 EST 2006

Welcome to the list Steve.  And congratulations on
your new S4 ... sounds like a nice one.  I've made
some comments on your issue inline below.  I've not
heard of driveshaft problems, but have heard of some
differential problems.

--- Steve Munk <fxstm at uaf.edu> wrote:

> Still
> squishes me and  
> two passengers into our seats once the traction
> control decides it's  
> ok. 

Try temporily defeating the ESP to get going a bit
quicker (and more fun) in slick conditions.

> I put the S4 up on 4 jackstands again and did some
> more  
> troubleshooting. I tried having my fiancee start the
> engine and bring  
> the wheels up to speed (just above idle in 4th gear
> was necessary to  
> get the unloaded rear end spinning fast enough) to
> get the vibration  
> and sound to happen while I (cautiously) watched the
> driveshaft  
> below. 

O-kay. (shuddering at the thought) :)

> Looks and sounds to me like the shuddering is
> coming from the  
> driveshaft and the ding-ding-ding sound is coming
> from *inside* the  
> rear half of the driveshaft! If I rap it with my
> knuckles (engine  
> off!) I can get it to make the same "ding" sound I
> hear when driving  
> the car. Is there something inside the hollow
> driveshaft that could  
> have broken loose?

Is it possible that the sound was coming from the rear
diff?  Maybe even transmitting through the drive


Good luck with your troubleshooting and let us know
what you find out was the cause.

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