[Biturbos4] several niggling issues

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 17:11:37 EST 2006

My humble thoughts inline below:

--- Brandon Rogers <brogers at terrix.com> wrote:

> 2.  The brakes are soft.  There is lots of pedal
> travel (usually) then
> over-boosted brakes.  It is inconsistent - sometimes
> the pedal travel is
> long - every once in a while the brakes engage
> almost immediately.  Car
> has new front pads/rotors - but I think the system
> needs to be flushed
> and/or bled.

They didn't change the fluid with the new rotors/pads?
I think the interval is along the lines of 2 years
between changes.

> 3.  Suspension. Stock is very high and lots of nose
> dive.  More
> importantly - the car gets thrown around (I'm not
> talking tramlining
> here) over virtually any and every road surface
> imperfection. 

Have you had the car since new?  There is a
modification that involves pulling a fuse that effects
steering, IIRC (not sure of the details).  Mine
requires attentive/constant steering inputs too -
especially on roads that have those ruts in the lanes
(aforementioned fuse intact - and stock suspension).

> 4.  The shifter has vague 1st and 5th engagement -
> sometimes pops out.
> I've had the dealer adjust it and it made a big
> difference and is
> definitely a lot better - but the shifter action in
> my A4 is _much_
> better.

I have no comparison to an A4, but I've *always*
bitched about my shifter.  The synchros are, I
believe, often a problem on this model.

> 5.  Rearview mirror is broken - has that "oval" when
> the auto dim fluid
> goes by by I guess...will find a used one...

Why used?  I think the failure is age related.  A used
one might fail soon after install.

> 6.  Washer fluid reservoir has a leak - it hold a
> fair amount of fluid -
> but not enough to keep the "low fluid" dash symbol
> on all the time.
> Maybe the reservoir is leaking where the sensor is
> installed - hopefully
> I can just seal the leak instead of replace the
> whole reservoir....

My wifes B6 A4-tip had leaking headlight washers that
would drain her tank.  It did keep enough fluid to
keep the indicator off though.  But if it was filled,
the tank would drain more than half its contents

'01.5 S4 Sedan
'03 A4 3.0 Sedan
'87 4000 CSq (f'in sweet, baby)
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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