[Biturbos4] Great Audi R8 video

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at maxboostracing.com
Wed Oct 18 04:05:55 EDT 2006


It seems like any/all the vehicles in Project Gotham 3 for X-Box 360.  Just
real enough looking to make you wish it weren't a game.  Just fake enough to
make you not care about wrecking! ;-)  At the end of the video they let you
"personalize" an R8 of your own.  If they were truly creative that would've
been the first option and you'd be shown a video with the R8 in "your"

Also, I swear the engine soundtrack is that of a V10 and not a V8.

If you want to hear what this car will sound like -and its sweet- then go
to: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FzOHutfZKxE


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Click on "The R8 Microsite" link to go to the video.  Flash player


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