[Biturbos4] Seatbelt behavior

Wilson Northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Mon Sep 11 14:59:19 EDT 2006

i don't have kids, but feed back from others who do have indicated to me 
that the new car seats include attachments that do not require the use of 
the 'wrap the seatbelt around' method of securing the unit.   if you 
obtained a newer allroad, or probably any of the newer offerings from 
audi, you could make use of this feature. IIRC, this 
feature was offered on the VW line before the audi line.

as far as the 2000 S4 is concerned, too bad, so sad, this is the way it 

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Mark Quinn wrote:

> Same with my A6 (and prev A4). My workaround was just to pull the belt
> out all the way and then hold a loop of it in (or twist some around) one
> hand while you feed it through the carseat and click it. Then you can
> release the slack and tighten it up.
> -Mark Quinn
>> The rear seatbelts in my 2000 S4 are a PITA to use with the child seat
>> we have. It's because once you pull the belt out, and then let it back
>> in just a little, it won't come back out again until it's first gone
>> *all* the way back in. Is this the case with all Audi/VW cars? Is
>> there some way to switch the behaviour?
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