[Biturbos4] What maintainence required.

Bill Neilsen wneils at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 1 12:59:30 EDT 2007

I have a late '01 sedan with 56k. It has an ABT chip and Stratmosphere 
DV,TBB all installed in '01.

Other than both rear whel bearings and the DV's sticking and me backing into 
things, the car has been a champ and I would like to keep it as it will only 
trade for about 15k.

What things should be done and when to insure another 60k.  I love this car 
and don't like the new versions. Especially the 40k it would cost to trade.

Any thoughts? I live near Rochester NY in case anyone has a shop to 

TIA,   Bill

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