[Biturbos4] Review mirror upgrade

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Apr 16 16:28:13 EDT 2007

Chris Newbold writes:
> So how did you get the PhatBox to fit in the CD changer slot? I bought
> one of these on clearance last year really cheap, but haven't been
> able to mount it properly. The problem is that the cavity where the CD
> changer would go is not deep enough to accommodate the PhatBox and the
> (silly) connector which sticks out 3" from the back of the unit. If it
> were not for that connector, it would be a perfect fit. Well, aside
> from the cartridge sticking out on the front.

In my car the Phatbox fits with its cable/connector in the back and
the cover still closes with the cartridge in place, but only just.
The cable touches the inside fender wall but not severely kinked, and
the cover clears the cartridge with no extra clearance.

Maybe the Avants have less space there than sedans.

I drilled and tapped a couple of holes on each side of the Phatbox
to match the mounting hole locations on the car's metal "shelf" so
I could simply use machine screws to mount it (just like the
stock CD changer).  The position of the holes were carefully
measured so that the Phatnox fits as noted above.  I didn't have
to use the mounting brackets that came with the kit.


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