[Biturbos4] Bad Alignment?

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 16:33:37 PST 2007

That doesn't sound like an alignment issue - "sharply veering"?  Sounds like something is not installed correctly (like: loose/broken) ... or are you driving on those annoying corduroy road surfaces that can cause you to dart and veer slightly?

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Subject: [Biturbos4] Bad Alignment?

I just replaced my tie rod ends and left rear wheel bearing and took the car to Les Schwab (because they are two miles away)

Now I haven't driven the car in a couple months, so I cant be sure, but the steering seems really squirelly... The steering wheel with drive straight the then sharply veer to the left or right.  Granted the roads around here are not the best, but I dont remember having to fight the steering wheel like that...

Is it possible they didn't set the camber or toe in correctly?  What *SHOULD* be the correct alignment numbers?  Any experience with this?

Spokane, WA

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